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Weeks 9 & 10 Review

These weeks were tough. I'm not sure if it's just I got unlucky with my words and armour is tough to come up with, or if I'm just running low on inspiration entering the last stretch. Over these weeks, my favourite item was the Gazing Monkey Idol.

As mentioned, armour week was rough. Since it's armour, you really want it's ability to be to do with defence. But there's only so many ways you can do that without adding extra crunchiness to combat. The only one I did that felt really outside the box was Papier-mâché Plate Armor, which I suppose pairs well with a Weapon (Shoddy).

Heading in to the end of the game, and with a new kitten taking a lot of my free time, I have decided to allow myself to prepare up to 10 days ahead. This will also free up some time to work on the compilation book.

The book is already underway. It will include a short opened-ended shop scenario do go with the items. I'm hoping to release as pdf and fantasy grounds mod. I'm planning on the pdf being pay-what-you-want.

I attempted some "art"work for the Infernal Contract. I've done worse, but I am not an artist. For The Shopkeeper's Glasses I used art that has fallen in to the public domain. But it's almost impossible to find PD art that fits the items description, and I want the freedom to write descriptions that are not beholden to an existing image. Commissioned art may be the only way to go, but it's tough to justify the expense.

Welcome to Wands Week, where I will whisk you away to a wondrous and whimsical world of wands! Without wider wait, wand one: the Wand of Decoration.