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Infernal Contract

Wondrous Item, rare

This small weathered scroll bears infernal inscriptions. When the contract is signed, it binds the bearer to a minor devil, granting them the right to request a single favor. The contract specifies that the devil can refuse to fulfill the favor, but are obligated to entertain most reasonable requests.

To activate the contract, the bearer must speak aloud their request while holding the it in their hand. If the favor is both possible and reasonable, the devil will appear before them and is compelled to consider the request. The GM has discretion on what counts as a reasonable request.

If the devil agrees, and once the favor has been granted, the contract crumbles to dust, freeing the devil from its binding. If the devil does not agree, it disappears and the contract remains in effect. Another request cannot be made until next dawn.

While the contract is in effect, the devil cannot directly harm the bearer, but they may seek alternative means to cause mischief or disrupt the their plans.

If the contract is found signed, the GM can roll or choose from the following table to determine the type of the devil:

Devil's Contract Devil Type

d100 Devil Type
01-30 Imp
31-45 Spined Devil
46-55 Bearded Devil
56-65 Barbed Devil
66-75 Chain Devil
76-85 Bone Devil
86-90 Horned Devil
91-95 Erinyes
96-100 Ice Devil


The devil wants to be free of the contract, so will begrudgingly agree to many requests, even those that might put them in minor danger. If they think the request is too dangerous, or outrageous, they will certainly refuse. There are some things that even devils won't stoop to - most are lawful.

The devil can also negotiate with the bearer if they don't like the terms of the favor. Persuasion or Deception checks from both parties many be required.


Creation Notes

Inspiration words: shares and signature.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Infernal Scroll
  • weight: 0.01 lbs