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Papier-mâché Plate Armor

Armor (padded), common

This armor is a decorative replica of plate armor, laboriously crafted using layers of papier-mâché and painted to resemble weathered metal plates. While it lacks the protective qualities of true plate armor, it is visually very similar in appearance suitable for ceremonial purposes, performances, or masquerades.

The well made costume is better than no armor at all, equivalent to wearing padded armor. However, it is not built for real combat, and would likely be ruined after a single fight.

A perception check is required to identify the armor as a replica. The GM should set the DC depending on the distance to the armor and the situation.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: materials and silly. It's armor week!

Well, it's made of a silly material.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Fake-looking Armor