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Wishing Coins

Wondrous Item, very rare

These small coins are made of gold and each coin has a random letter inscribed on it. They are typically found in bags of around a dozen coins. When the coins are used to spell a word at least four letters long, the used coins twinkle with light, then fade out of existence. The spelled word is treated as a minor wish.

A randomly found bag normally contains 4d4 + 2 (12) coins. The more coins a bag has the more it is worth. The typical cost of a Wishing Coin is far beyond the gold used to mint it.

The minor wish is far less powerful than a typical Wish spell, it can:

  • Create one object worth up the value of the coins used. This object must be non-magical, inanimate, and smaller than 60 feet in any dimension. It appears on the ground in the nearest unoccupied free space.

  • Up to 6 creatures can regain up to half their hit-points.

  • Replicate the effects of a level 5 or below spell.

  • Summon a friendly creature with CR 4 or lower, or two creatures with CR 2 or lower, or four creatures with CR 1 or lower. (You only summon multiple creatures if your word is plural.) These creatures are fey that disappear when they are reduced to 0 hit points, or a day passes.

  • At the GM's discretion, another effect beyond what is described above.

If the wish cannot be satisfied, or is nonsensical, no wish is made, the coins remain and nothing happens.

GM Note: The above rules and limits are not intended to be a trap for the player. Instead, work with the player to try to satisfy the wish as best you can. For example, if the player spells out "TROLL" - a CR 5 creature, you could use an Ettin (CR 4) instead.

Isella spent many years looking for her missing "H." Then, one day, a wild idea took her. She pulled out the collection of spare wishing coins she had already found and spelled out C-O-I-N. Then, with a twinkle, they were replaced with a single coin embossed with her desired letter. She was finally going back H-O-M-E.

Roll a d100 and consult the following table to generate the letter on a single coin:

Wishing Coins Letters

d100 Letter
1 - 9 A
10 - 11 B
12 - 13 C
14 - 17 D
18 - 30 E
31 - 32 F
33 - 35 G
36 - 37 H
38 - 46 I
47 J
48 K
49 - 52 L
53 - 54 M
55 - 60 N
61 - 68 O
69 - 70 P
71 Q
72 - 77 R
78 - 82 S
83 - 88 T
89 - 92 U
93 - 94 V
95 - 96 W
97 X
98 - 99 Y
100 Z

Or, if you need a quick set, you can use one of these pre-generated bags of 12.

Wishing Coins Pre-generated Bags

d20 Coins
1 A, A, D, E, E, H, I, K, L, N, N, Q
2 E, E, E, F, N, N, O, O, S, U, W, Y
3 B, E, E, E, E, M, O, O, O, O, R, X
4 A, A, E, G, H, L, N, N, R, R, T, V
5 A, A, C, E, E, G, I, I, J, K, M, S
6 A, D, E, G, L, M, M, S, S, T, T, X
7 A, A, D, D, I, L, N, P, R, R, T, Y
8 A, A, A, C, E, E, E, E, F, N, N, Y
9 A, A, B, D, D, E, I, L, O, T, U, U
10 A, A, C, L, O, P, R, R, R, S, U, U
11 D, E, F, L, L, Q, R, R, S, T, T, U
12 D, E, E, F, G, H, I, I, I, L, N, Y
13 A, E, I, K, M, O, O, O, O, V, Z, Z
14 D, E, E, I, N, O, O, R, U, U, Y, Y
15 A, E, E, E, G, N, S, S, T, T, W, Z
16 E, G, G, L, L, N, O, O, Q, R, X, Y
17 A, E, E, H, N, N, N, O, P, S, U, V
18 A, E, E, G, J, N, N, R, T, T, T, T
19 A, E, G, G, I, I, I, N, N, R, T, Z
20 A, D, E, E, E, G, I, L, N, N, N, T

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: coins and literacy.

I think this is really fun, but might be tough to balance in your game.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.02 lbs
  • unidentified: Gold coins with letters