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Sky-fall Blanket

Wondrous Item, uncommon

This white blanket is made from lightweight and durable fabric, and has an intricate pattern of feathers embroidered onto it. If you hold the blanket by its corners and jump off a high surface, your decent will be slowed down to a rate of 60 feet per round and you take no damage from the fall.

However, using the Sky-fall Blanket requires some strength to hang on properly. You must make a DC 12 Strength (Athletics) check to grab onto the corners of the blanket and hold on tight. On a failed check, you drop the blanket and fall normally. The GM may require additional checks if you encounter difficulties while in the air.

Additionally, the strange magical material can be folded up to seven times without getting any thicker. The whole blanket can be folded small enough to fit in a pocket.

The blanket can still work with some small holes or tears, but too much damage will cause it to lose it's magic. For combat purposes, it has an AC 14 and 20 hit points.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: jump and blanket.

Nice words! There had to be a reason for this to exist in a world with Rings of Feather Falling. The blanket is more common (and therefore cheaper) and doesn't require attunement.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.5 lbs
  • unidentified: Lightweight blanket