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Wine of the Drunken Master

Potion, rare

This brown bottle contains a potent rice wine. The sake was brewed by a master, who infused it with their ki.

The bottle contains 2d4+1 (6) swigs. As an action, a monk can drink one swig to regain 1 ki point, provided they are not already poisoned.

After drinking the wine, you must make a Constitution saving throw, DC 12. On a failed save, you are poisoned until your next short or long rest. If you drink another swig of the wine before taking a short or long rest, the DC of the Constitution saving throw increases by 1 for each additional swig taken.

If the drinker is not a monk and cannot use ki, they must make the Constitution saving throw at disadvantage.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: wastes and monk.

Another incredibly appropriate wildcard word.

Meta Information

  • weight: 1.5 lbs
  • unidentified: Special Sake