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Cuuko's Magic Emporium

PDF now avalible on DriveThruRPG!

The 100 magic items challenge

To help improve my creative writing and design skills, I have challenged myself to write 100 magic items for 5e, one per day. At the end I will compile the items in to a book!

Each item is inspired by two randomly generated words. The first word is generated from a list of all the words in the 5e SRD, weighted by frequency. I'm calling this the theme word. The second word is from a randomly selected from an 8,000 word dictionary. I'm calling this the wildcard word.

I go in to more detail about how this works in the generator's github repo.

I will be following these self-imposed rules:

  • I can't see the words until I'm ready to start work on the item.

  • I can re-roll of the suggestion is potentially offensive; or has no content e.g. such either; or is substantially similar to a previous roll e.g. magic stone and magical pebble. I will included discard rolls in the description if I can.

  • I can prepare only up to 5 days ahead. This ensures I'll always have an item ready to post even if something comes up, while removing the temptation to do everything at once.

The first item, Trowel of Plant Repulsion is already up!