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Suspended Intelligence Crystal

Wondrous Item, very rare

This clear quartz crystal contains a suspended disembodied intelligence, ready to be infused in to a weapon or armor. The intelligence was previously attached to another magical object and was preserved in this crystal after the object was destroyed.

The crystal can be attached to a non-magical weapon or piece of armor to create a new sentient magical object. Attaching the crystal requires a 1-hour ritual, and once attached it becomes a permanent part of the object. Afterwards the item becomes magical and now requires attunement. If it's a weapon, you gain +2 to hit and damage with the weapon. If it's armor, you gain +2 to your AC while donning the armor. Once attuned, the intelligence can communicate telepathically with its owner.

The intelligence has it's own personality determined by rolling on the below table. If the owner of the object frequently comes in to conflict with the goals of the intelligence it may remove it's attunement from, or even attempt to take control of, it's owner.

Crystal Personality Table

d8 Personality Note
1 Arrogant The intelligence is extremely confident in its abilities and looks down on others.
2 Inquisitive The intelligence is always seeking knowledge and is curious about the world.
3 Manipulative The intelligence has a talent for manipulating people to achieve its own ends.
4 Timid The intelligence is shy and hesitant, and prefers to avoid confrontation.
5 Aggressive The intelligence is quick to anger and always ready for a fight.
6 Melancholic The intelligence is melancholic and brooding, prone to dark thoughts and introspection.
7 Enthusiastic The intelligence is always excited and eager, with an infectious enthusiasm.
8 Protective The intelligence has a strong protective instinct and will do anything to defend its owner.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: suspended and intelligence.

I like objects that give the players some measure of control over how the item is used.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.2 lbs
  • unidentified: Quartz Crystal