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Weeks 13 & 14 Review

So after doing this for over 3 months, I'm beginning to feel like I've exhausted my repository of creativity. I hope these ones stand up as well the others, but it was much harder to think of good ideas.

I did like the rod and staff selection. Hard to pick a favorite. But maybe Rod of Invisibility. This feels the most like a magic rod. One simple magical effect, but all sorts of potential applications for clever players.

So here I am, 98 days later. I enjoyed this little experiment. It made me think about nuances of the 5e ruleset that I hadn't considered. It flexed my creativity and design muscles. Like everything - practice makes perfect. Or as Jake would put it.

"Dude, sucking at sumthin’ is the first step towards being sorta good at something." - Jake the Dog

I still intend to write this up as a pay-what-you-want pdf, plus fantasy grounds module. The biggest thing it really seems to lack is great illustrations. I'm not sure what I am going to do there. I will hopefully announce something shortly after item 100.

I promised something special for the last two items. Item 99 is designed by my sister. It's a really cool item, and I'm looking forward to showing it off. For item 100 I opened a poll to decide on the inspiration words for the last item. The winners were Butterflies Embarrassed. "Seven" came close to beating "Embarrassed", which honestly I would have preferred. But the people have spoken!

After 100 has been posted, I will continue posting some bonus items.