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Troll's Finger Chalk

Wondrous Item, rare

This plain white drawing chalk feels warm to the touch. The chalk can be used to create a door where one did not exist before. According to legend, the chalk originates from the pointing finger of a chalk troll, a rare subset of rock trolls known for their porous skins infused with magical energy.

In order to use the chalk, the creature must be familiar with the Thieves' Cant.

As an action, the chalk can be used to draw a door on a surface such as a wall. The door created can be no taller or wider than 5 feet. When the door is drawn, the chalk marks glow with magic and the door becomes a real permanent fixture in the chosen location, and a void is created behind it, extending 5 feet deep. The door appears seamless and matches the appearance of the surrounding wall, providing a secret entrance or exit for those who know of its existence.

If the void behind the door connects to a room, corridor, or any other area, the door acts as a passage to that location. Otherwise, the void acts as a tiny room suitable as a hiding place.

Once the chalk has been used to create 3 doors, it disintegrates in to non-magical dust.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: rogue and pathway.

This item was designed by my sister. Thanks Eva!

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.01 lbs
  • unidentified: Warm Chalk