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Aboleth's Prism Prison

Wondrous Item, very rare

This crystal prism appears to be a translucent, multifaceted gem. As you examine it closely, you can see faint, moving patterns resembling waves within it.

When the Prism Prison is placed in a large volume of water, after one round, the crystal dissolves, and the Aboleth trapped within is freed.

While the aboleth is trapped within the prism, it can telepathically communicate with the holder. The creature uses this ability to negotiate for its freedom, attempting to persuade the holder to release it. The aboleth can be very charismatic and persuasive.

If the aboleth is freed without a specific agreement, it becomes hostile towards the party, and other nearby creatures. Enraged at its captivity and wanting to take its revenge. It may attempt to use it's enslave ability on it's former captors.

However, if the prism's holder and the aboleth can first reach an agreement, the aboleth fulfills its end of the bargain and parts ways with the party. The specific terms of the agreement can vary depending on the negotiations between the two parties.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: aboleths and hold.

This one is a bit too close to Infernal Contract, but oh well.

Meta Information

  • weight: 1 lbs
  • unidentified: Crystal Prism