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Weeks 5 & 6 Review

I wrote a bonus item, Simon's Hat.

I enjoyed weapons week. I think the Adaptive Blade stands out, but is probably not something I should have attempted in a single day. It really needs a little more attention and probably some playtesting. I'm going to follow it up with rings week, starting Monday.

Over the two weeks, my favourite is probably the Audial Box. I think players could have some creative fun with this one. I am considering making some of the possible creative uses for this one more explicit in the descriptions.

On the subject of modifying old items, so far I've only made changes to fix spelling and other errors. Part of the point of this challenge is to prevent myself from making too many revisions of each item. So, I am going to reserve any changes for the end.

I have also added meta-tags on all previous items giving a weight and unidenitified-name to each item. I'll fill these in as I create new items going forward. At the moment, this is only used for my Fantasy Grounds import script. But I may add this to the blog view.

I also corrected a minor bug in the RSS feed that was causing readers to see some items twice.

Today's item is the Chronopticon Goggles.