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Audial Box

Wondrous Item, rare

This odd square box is made of a greyish red clay and painted with hundreds of tiny concentric circles, in all the colors of the rainbow. The box is a 7 inch cube.

When you open the Audial Box, for the next minute all sound in a 20-foot radius sphere of the box it is suddenly muffled and sucked into it. Any creature or object entirely inside the sphere is immune to thunder damage, and creatures entirely inside are deafened. Casting a spell that includes a verbal component is impossible in the sphere. The box's lid closes on it's own after the minute. You can use this ability once per day.

When the box is opened again, all of the previously captured sound is released at once, causing a thunderous explosion that deals 8d6 thunder damage to all creatures within a 20-foot radius of the box. A successful DC 15 Constitution saving throw halves the damage. Once you have used this ability, it must be recharged by using the above ability before it can be used again.

GMs Note You should consider allowing the Audial Box to be used in creative ways, such as capturing the sound of a thunderstorm or a dragon's roar to release later. Likewise, if a player attempts to "charge" the box somewhere with little or no sound, consider reducing the thunder damage.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: volume and discharge.

Meta Information

  • weight: 2.5 lbs
  • unidentified: Cube-shaped clay box