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Cuuko's Magic Emporium

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Weeks 11 & 12 Review

The penultimate review. There will be two items left after the last review. I want to do something special for them, but I haven't figured out what yet.

These two weeks were the opposite of the last two. The theme week was fairly easy, and the other 7 were much harder. Why didn't I do any wands before? They are so easy to figure out! The answer is, there's only so many interesting ways you can spin "you can cast these spells." Hopefully, I spun a few! It's difficult to even pick a favourite, I like them all so much. Since I have to pick one, the Wand of Wards is simple, thematic, and a item I'd love to have in my backpack.

To pick a non-wand favourite, the Ring of Death's Embrace has some cool roleplay possibilities.

The Folding Cart is the first one that I've done that I am really not happy with. I was too tied to my interpretation of the random words given and wound up sucking all the utility from it. As it stands, it's not a very useful item. (And I received feedback to that effect.) I'm not sure what I am going to do about that yet.

I've progressed quite far with the final book version. It will include all the items, but also details of Cuuko's Magick Emporium - the mysterious shop where your players can find them for sale.

Book Preview Image

Part of the point of this exercise is not to obsess and continually revise items. However, as I get to the compiling-in-a-book stage, it's really necessary to give every item a fresh reading to fix errors and omissions. I've already done one pass, where I made some very minor changes. More passes will follow at the end.

The final theme week will be rods & staffs week. The first of which is already up: the Staff of Arcane Insight.