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Phial of Emotion

Potion, very rare

This small crystal phial is filled with a liquid that shimmers when disturbed. The essence of an emotion has been captured within the potion. In order to create it, the mixer must sacrifice a memory tied to the desired emotion. This sacrifice infuses the potion with the essence of that emotion.

If you consume the potion, you immediately experience the emotion contained within. The effect is instantaneous, uncontrollable, and you are utterly consumed by the emotion for the next hour.

The emotion is raw and volatile. A Phial of Emotion should be used with great care. It can lead to unexpected - even life-changing - consequences.

Phial Emotion Types

d6 Emotion Suggested 1 hour effect
1 Joy You have advantage on Persuasion checks and saving throws against fear effects. You have disadvantage on Intimidation checks.
2 Anger You have advantage on strength saving throws and melee attacks.
3 Sorrow You have advantage on Charisma skill checks. You have disadvantage on saving throws.
4 Fear You can't be surprised. You have disadvantage on attack rolls.
5 Compassion You have advantage on Insight and Persuasion checks.
6 Tranquility You have advantage on Wisdom saving throws. You have disadvantage on initiative rolls.


The "suggested effect" above is just a place to start when thinking about the effect of this potion. How does the imbiber process this emotion? Is there a connection to their backstory, or current circumstances? Is it a new experience for them to experience this emotion so intensely? Or, have they felt this way before? Often? Will this experience change their outlook going forward?

It is important to remember that this potion does not change a creature's alignment or personality. However, it might cause them to act out of character. A Phial of Joy might cause the normally stoic paladin to cut loose a little.

If the potion was taken by a player character, the Game Master should work with that player to figure out what the effect should be.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: keeps and emotionally.

I didn't want this to be just another anti-fear potion. This is more roleplay focused, and hopefully more fun.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.1 lbs
  • unidentified: Shimmering potion