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Staff of Surveillance

Staff, rare (requires attunement)

This ordinary looking wooden walking stick is, in fact, a secret scrying device. When attuned you can spy on the staff's location. The innocuous staff can be intentionally left at a location without raising suspicion or strategically placed to keep an eye on distant objects or people.

As an action, you can use the staff to scry on its current location. This allows you to see and hear what is happening in the vicinity of the staff. The staff must be on the same plane of existence as you, and within 1 mile of your current location. You must also know the staff's location, and if the staff is moved, there is a chance the connection will be broken.

If the staff is moved, the connection remains intact for 1d4 minutes. After this time has elapsed, if the staff is no longer moving, you have the opportunity to reestablish the connection by rolling a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15). On a successful save, you regain the scrying connection. Otherwise, the connection is broken, and you must attune to the staff again to establish a new connection.

While scrying, you have a visual and auditory connection to the staff's location. You can perceive your surroundings as if you were there physically, although you are still physically present at your current location. While in this state you are unaware of your actual surroundings. The scrying effect lasts until you end it, which you can do at will.

A suspicious magic user could cast Detect Magic to determine the stick is magical. Casting Identify on the staff not only reveals it's nature, but the identity of the attuned creature, if any.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: supports and surveillance.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Walking Stick