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Potion of Cryptic Viewpoint

Potion, uncommon

This odd black potion ripples with rainbow hues when it's vial is disturbed. When drunk, you begin to see strange and cryptic visions that may contain important information. For the next hour, the imbiber experiences intense and vivid hallucinations. The hallucinations are dream-like and may include abstract visual or audible elements.

At the GM's discretion, some of these visions may provide clues or hints about your current quest or the broader campaign storyline. The GM can also use these visions to introduce new plot elements or mysteries. However, the visions can also be misleading, confusing, or even dangerous if interpreted incorrectly.

Once consumed, the potion's effects last for one hour or until Lesser Restoration, Dispel Magic, or an equivalent ability is used. If ended early, any clues gained may be incomplete.

If the creature was fed the potion against their will, they can resist the effect with a successful DC 15 Constitution saving throw.

GMs can optionally use this table to generate a random hallucination.

Potion of Cryptic Viewpoint Action

d8 Action
1 Running away from
2 Dancing with
3 Fighting
4 Flying with
5 Exploring with
6 Performing music with
7 Hunting a beast with
8 Playing cards against

Potion of Cryptic Viewpoint Participant

d8 Participant
1 a mischievous imp
2 a wise old sage
3 a shadowy assassin
4 a playful unicorn
5 a demon
6 a fierce warrior
7 a charming rouge
8 a trickster god

Potion of Cryptic Viewpoint Location

d8 Location
1 in a city.
2 in a beautiful meadow.
3 on a starry night sky.
4 in an infinite library.
5 in a magical forest.
6 on a beach.
7 in a graveyard at night.
8 on a mountain's peak.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: cryptic and viewpoint. It's potions week!

It was cool to use the actual inspiration words as the title.

Items like this that rely largely on GM discretion are not my favorite. Mostly because you are giving the GM extra work to do. But in this case, it was necessary to achieve what I wanted.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.5 lbs
  • unidentified: Odd black potion