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Polyglottal Potion

Potion, very rare

This small glass vial contains a liquid with a rich golden-honey color. The potion is created by an alchemist who must talk to it every day for 30 days in the language they want the potion to bestow. When consumed, the creature who drinks it gains a permanent understanding of the language used during the potion's creation.

If the creature already understands a language, they can now also understand the language the potion bestows. If they can speak a language, they can now also speak the language the potion bestows.

As a side-effect of drinking the potion, the creature is unable to speak any other language for 1d6 hours.

Polyglottal Potion is extremely difficult to brew. The recipe is time consuming, complex, expensive and some batches will even fail for no apparent reason. A successful batch is extremely valuable. As such, it is often reserved as a gift for outsiders who have proved their worth.

GMs can roll to determine the language the potion bestows:

Polyglottal Potion Language

d12 Language
1 Draconic
2 Dwarvish
3 Elvish
4 Giant
5 Gnomish
6 Goblin
7 Halfling
8 Infernal
9 Kobold
10 Orc
11 Sylvan
12 Undercommon

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: thanks and language. It's potions week!

Rather than a generic "all languages for a short time" potion, I thought one that gives you a single language forever would be more fun.

Meta Information

  • weight: 0.5 lbs
  • unidentified: Honey-like potion