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Weeks 7 & 8 Review

Over these weeks, my favourite item was probably the very first one - Chronopticon Goggles. I think these could be really neat in a mystery game.

Rings week made me realise that pretty much any of the wondrous items I've come up with so far could be rings. I'm not sure what the takeaway here is. Perhaps I should be thinking more about what form the magic items take and why. Out of the rings, the Ring of Majestic Marquee is probably my favourite. Even if it's not really that useful. The next themed week is Armor week - so far I have done no armours, so this ought to be interesting. The first armour, Armor of Cruel Bargains is already up.

This nicely leads to the next issue: UK vs US spelling. There are certain keywords in D&D, where I feel obliged to keep the US spelling. "Armor" is a good example. But in I've been using UK spelling otherwise. This hybrid approach is not great. In the Ataland Project we settled on US spelling everywhere. I'm doing the same here. I've updated all previous items to use US spelling and that will be the case going forward. Blog posts will remain in UK English.

After item 50 I decided to change one of the challenge rules. (They are my rules, after all.) Originally, I could only generate words after the last item was finished. I've now decided to allow myself to "pool" up to 5 pairs of words. I think this is going to help because I can work on the words that are inspiring me the most, and I shuffle words around to help with the themed weeks. I'm still not allowed to discard words.

Over half-way done!