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Staff of The World Tree

Staff, rare (requires attunement by a druid)

This staff is carved from a sturdy piece of ancient wood.

While attuned to this staff, as an action, you can drive it into dirt, causing it to transform into a magnificent tree. The tree is a kin of the legendary World Tree. It stands 20 feet tall and has a canopy spread of 15 feet in diameter, its branches teeming with lush foliage. The tree is imbued with an ethereal glow that sheds dim light in a 10-foot radius. It has an AC of 15 and 25 hit points. If the tree is destroyed, the staff is also destroyed.

During a long rest, the tree produces 1d4+2 healing fruits. The number of fruit on the tree cannot exceed your druid level. The fruit resembles apples, but they have a golden sheen. Each fruit, when consumed as an action, restores hit points equal to 1d6 plus your druid level. Once the fruits have been harvested, they lose their magical potency after 24 hours.

By speaking the command word, the tree reverts back to its staff form. Any fruit still on the tree transform with it, and are restored next time the staff becomes a tree.

The staff can also be used as a quarterstaff, and a magical focus.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: world and reasoning.

To give the word "reasoning" it dues, I tried to make it so usage of the fruit is strategic.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Ancient wood staff