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Saddle of Direction

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a beast of burden)

This finely crafted leather saddle has been well cared for and regularly oiled. A beast able to act as a mount can attune to the saddle by wearing it for one hour. The saddle magically adjusts to fit both wearer and rider.

When attuned, the mount has an accurate mental map of the surrounding area within a 100-mile radius. It can take its rider to any named or described location within that radius by the most efficient route possible, even if the rider is unfamiliar with the terrain.

Additionally, the mount gains an innate sense of direction allowing it to find its way back to any previously visited location, even if the rider is not present. The mount also always knows which direction is north.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: riding and accurately.

According to the internet, animals can attune to items so long as they are able to perform the attunement steps. I assume they can attune to three items just like anyone else.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Well-kept saddle
  • weight: 25 lbs