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Rod of Many Lights

Rod, rare

This rod is crafted from a smooth polished metal, except the tip, which is a solid lump of glass. Along its surface are several small buttons, each labeled with symbols representing different functions.

Fiddling with the buttons requires an action, but you can press as many buttons as you wish during that action.


  • On/Off: The largest button allows you can activate or deactivate the rod, causing it to emit or cease emitting light.
  • Intensity Control: By pressing the buttons labeled with numbers, you can adjust the intensity of the emitted light, ranging from a subtle ambient glow (dim light out to 10 feet) to a blinding brilliance (bright light out to 30 feet, and dim light an additional 30 feet.)
  • Color Control: The colored buttons allow you to change the color of the emitted light. A wide spectrum of colors are available, including vibrant hues and ethereal shades.
  • Light Type: By pressing the buttons adorned with symbols representing different light sources, you can cycle through several options, including a steady beam, pulsating, or even a flickering flame-like effect.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: torch and spectacle.

You can also control it with an app on your phone.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Metal rod with buttons