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Potion of Coordination

Potion, rare

This strange pink bubbly potion is uncannily difficult to spill accidently. The bottle contains a large dose that can be shared by up to 4 creatures. If consumed by:

  • 1 person, it lasts 1 hour

  • 2 people, it lasts 30 minutes

  • 3 people, it lasts 20 minutes

  • 4 people, it lasts 15 minutes

During this time, you gain the following effects:

  • Your dexterity score is increased by 2

  • You have advantage on any roll that requires coordination with another drinker of the same dose. This bonus is only given if the coordination is necessary or advantageous. The GM has final discretion on which situations this applies to.

  • You have advantage on Dexterity saving throws.

  • You have advantage on Acrobatics checks.

If a drinker is affected by more than one Potion of Coordination, the duration or the effects do not stack; only the last potion is in effect.

If you attempt to combine two Potions of Coordination, the mixture will violently bubble and froth as gasses escape. Ultimately, one potion's worth of liquid will be lost.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: desire and coordination. It's potions week!

Didn't want to make a simple dexterity potion, which I don't think exist in any official 5e source, but is very obvious all the same.

Meta Information

  • weight: 1 lbs
  • unidentified: Pink bubbly potion