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Magical Ledger

Wondrous Item, rare

Magical Ledgers are tomes with two sections. The first section of the book, known as the ledger, functions just like a normal book. The second section of the book, referred to as the log, is enchanted with a powerful spell. Whenever someone writes in the ledger, a corresponding log entry is automatically created within the log section. Each log entry includes a description of the change made, the true name of the person who made it, and the precise time and date.

The log section of the Magical Ledger is impervious to defacement or alteration. Any attempts to modify its contents quickly fade away. However, the book is still susceptible to damage and destruction like any other ordinary book. The enchantment can be dispelled using the Dispel Magic spell, with a DC 14. Doing so transforms the Magical Ledger into an ordinary tome, rendering the log section unreliable.

The invention of Magical Ledgers can be attributed to the Banks, where they are utilized to store highly sensitive financial information. While a Magical Ledger itself does not possess much inherent value, the information contained within may be very valuable indeed.

Creation Notes

This item is from my other ongoing project: Ataland.

Meta Information

  • weight: 5 lbs
  • unidentified: Strange Ledger