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Eldritch Blast Stick

Wand, uncommon (requires attunement)

This ebony wood wand is adorned with silver symbols. A malevolent force seems to exude from the wand, as if offering to bargain for greater powers.

While holding this wand, you gain the ability to cast the spell Eldritch Blast. If you are not a spellcaster, your ranged spell attack bonus is your charisma modifier.


The warlock patron that created this wand did so with the explicit purpose of tempting people to enter in to a pact with them. This item offers an excellent way in to a warlock multiclass, or as a starting item in a warlock's inventory to add some backstory.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: force and assist. It's wands week!

A little force damage assistance from a potential patron...

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Ebony wand