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Canvas of Conjuration

Wondrous Item, very rare

The Canvas of Conjuration appears to be an ordinary canvas, measuring approximately 3 feet by 4 feet and is adorned with arcane symbols along its edges. A painter can harness its magic to summon inanimate objects with a stroke of their brush.

The painter must make a tool use check using Painter's Supplies (adding their proficiency bonus to the check if proficient) to paint the object they wish to summon. It is not possible to paint an object if you don't know what it looks like, but at the GM's discretion a detailed description may be sufficient. The quality of the summoned item is determined by the result of the check. Once the item is summoned, the canvas becomes non-magical.

Roll Item Quality
10, or less The summoned object resembles the desired item, but is merely a cheap or flawed copy. The summoned object is non-magical.
11 - 17 The summoned object closely resembles the desired item. It is fully functional if the item is mundane. If the desired item is magical, the summoned object has similar but lesser magical properties.
18, or more The summoned object is a flawless replica of the desired item, crafted with extraordinary precision. It retains any magical properties of the original item, if applicable.

The summoned object is subject to the following restrictions: it must be inanimate, non-legendary, and its value must be less than or equal to the value of the canvas itself. If the painting falls foul of these restrictions, nothing is summoned, and the canvas can be repainted.

If a player wishes to invent a new object to paint, one that does not already exist in the setting, the GM decides if the magic works.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: lacks and illustration.

I was torn between making it very rare and a one-shot, or legendary and reusable.

I discarded the words "large entire" for being too nonsensical. Maybe I could have done something with these. But I haven't used that veto yet.

Meta Information

  • weight: 5 lbs
  • unidentified: Canvas with arcane symbols