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Barrier Armor

Armor (any), rare (requires attunement)

This armor is inscribed with symbols of protection. The enchanted armor is infused with protective magic that forms an visible barrier around its wearer, which takes the form of a blue-green field of energy hovering half an inch away from the armor.

Once per day, when you don the Barrier Armor, you gain 10 temporary hit points. As these hit points are depleted, the visible barrier becomes cracked and splinted, and eventually disappears.

The temporary hit points last until they are depleted, or you doff the armor, or until you finish a long rest. The barrier regains it's magic at dawn. Unspent temporary hit points from previous days do not accumulate.

Creation Notes

Inspiration words: power and openly. It's armor week!

Bit of weak connection to the words. I wanted the armor's power to be openly visible.

Meta Information

  • unidentified: Armor inscribed with symbols